DIRECTIONS: Crisscross the United States to learn fun facts about the ten famous places below. Answer the question about each place. Save the student worksheet. (click here) to your H drive.

TIP! Do a Google search for each place.. Or you can find the answer by typing the name of the place into the Visit Your Parks search engine at

1.      Capulin Volcano National Monument. This extinct volcano is located in New Mexico. When was the last time this volcano erupted?


2.    Johnstown Flood National Memorial. This site commemorates the 1889 Johnstown flood, one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. How many people died in this tragic Pennsylvania flood?


3.    Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This 330,000-acre protected site is located in an Arizona desert. What is the name of that desert?


4.    Roosevelt Campobello International Park. President Franklin Roosevelt frequently vacationed on this island that is actually not in the United States. Today, the park is managed as an international park by the United States and the country in which it is located. Which country is that?


5.    Everglades National Park. This national park, located in Florida, is the only place in the world where two particular species exist side by side. Which two species are those?


6.    Touro Synagogue National Historic Site. This Rhode Island synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the United States and the only one that dates back to colonial times. In what year was the synagogue established?


7.    Central High School National Historic Site. This high school in Arkansas stands today as a symbol of the struggle for racial equality. In 1957, a group of African American students enrolled at the previously all-white high school. How many students were in that group?


8.    San Juan Island National Historical Park. The San Juan Islands in the state of Washington were the center of a long dispute between the United States and Canada. One event in 1859 led to a battle between the two countries. What was that event?


9.    Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. This "gap" in the Appalachian Mountains was the best route for settlers to take as they traveled west. About how many people made their way through the Cumberland Gap between 1775 and 1810?


10.                       Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site. In the 1830s, this fort was the only permanent white settlement on the trail between Missouri and the lands of Mexico. By what name was this trail known?