Circle Graph

FrogAnswer the following questions dealing with circle graphs.

Circle Graph of Favorite Sports of Miss. Carroll's Class

1.  What sport was most liked in Miss. Carroll's Class?



2.  What sport was liked the least in Miss. Carroll's Class?



3.  How many students liked soccer in Miss. Carroll's



4.  How many students are there in Miss. Carroll's Class?




Circle Graph of Community Chorus in Oswego

5.  How many sopranos were there in Oswego Community



6.  How many singers were there in Oswego Community   



7.  What type of singers had 10 people?



8. How many basses were there in Oswego Community



On a piece of paper copy the table below and make your own circle graphDon't forget to check your answer.

when making a circle graph the greater the value of the data, the wider the wedge that represents the value.

Favorite Fruits of All Students in West Carthage Elementary
Bananas 55
Cherries 25
Grapes 70
Apples 120
Oranges 130
Pears 50

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Adapted by Edward Winchester


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